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Design Thinking is an Essential and Innovative Process

Some of the most established characteristics of products, services, business models, environments and just about any other designable thing are subject to change at any given time. Not too long ago, human beings asked themselves:

Is it possible to develop transportation which is faster than a horse? Can humans fly? Do doors always have to have handles? Should taps always be hand operated? Do phones really need to have a cable? Do cars have to have a driver and a steering wheel?

Our team at Best Web Design are always eager to help you ask new relevant questions which can improve our daily lives and meet our client’s needs. And we can’t wait to share our methodological procedures, which will help you and our team understand and research your users’ human needs –in order to come up with the most powerful, creative and innovative design solutions to meet their needs, create prototypes and start testing them.

The new frontier of innovation is smashing old assumptions we have about how things should be and coming up with disruptive ways of arriving at the same goals in ways we never considered possible. Sometimes this completely re-invents the entire concept of achieving that goal.

– Don Norman, Grand Old Man of User Experience, in Rethinking Design Thinking