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We send emails that generate sales. The purpose of email marketing is to inform your customers via email about new products, discounts, and other offers. It is a successful method of generating leads and sales for your business. You can reach thousands of potential buyers in a very short time. Successful businesses often have multiple streams of revenue and email marketing should definitely be included.

With these marketing channels, your business can market to businesses as well as consumers, and 59% of B2B marketers say that their most effective form of marketing is email marketing. Let’s help your business create an email marketing strategy, create stunning email templates and drive regular campaigns to increase your bottom line.


Email marketing includes

Your one stop email marketing shop

Template set-up

API integration

Campaign strategy

Abandoned cart automations

Cross-selling automations

Welcome automations

Sign up form design

Up-selling automation

Customer segmentation


Email marketing FAQ

1Q1: How do I know if my customers read through my email?

We use email marketing software which tracks customer engagement as well as sales. Modern email software provides reports on email campaign performance and it shows where and when customers drop off.

2Q2: Will sales increase due to an email marketing campaign?

If you are consistently emailing your customers with real benefits, you will notice an increase in sales. The more people sign up to your email subscription list, the more people you have to campaign too.

3Q3: Can you integrate my website with email marketing software?

Yes. We do all the hard work for you which includes integrating your website to email marketing software. Furthermore, we set up your audience segmentation and build stunning templates for you to campaign with.

4Q4: Should I buy an email list to get started?

Absolutely not. With the new POPI act, you cannot market to individuals who have not given their consent. We do however, help you grow your email list to a point where you can effectively reach potential customers.

5Q5: How do you design an attractive template?

We use a combination of design elements to build email templates. The team designs a few templates for you to choose from and then we make sure it’s mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. The design of your email template can always be changed and is dependent on your industry and brand image.