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Eye-catching simplicity. QR codes are a helpful tool for businesses who want to engage or inform their customers about products or services, in just one scan. We design QR codes with your brand in mind and we direct your potential customers to the right place.

QR codes can bridge the gap between traditional marketing and merge it with online marketing to track customer engagement closely. There are two types of QR codes that we design which is static QR codes and dynamic QR codes. The difference is, that static QR codes are fixed and can’t be edited whereas dynamic QR codes can be regularly updated. Dynamic QR codes are also smaller and easier to integrate. Expand your marketing efforts and absorb the attention of your customers.


QR marketing includes

PDF QR code

App store QR code

Vcard QR code

Social media QR code

Video QR code

Dynamic gallery QR code

Image gallery QR code

Event QR code

Business page QR code

Feedback QR code


1Q1: How does QR codes work?

QR is an acronym for quick response. It has similar traits as bar codes and its purpose is to direct users to information faster and more seamlessly. A user scans the QR code and is then directed to a website or landing page which provides them with the information they need to make the purchase.

2Q2: How do I read a QR code?

Most smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner which can be located at the camera settings of your phone. You can simply go into your camera and scan the presented QR code which will provide you with more information on the product or service being offered.

3Q3: What are the most popular QR codes?

QR codes are widely used for social media engagement, instant messaging, and ticket approvals, but there are no limits because they are dependent on developers' intentions.

4Q4: What benefits do QR codes have?

QR codes provide a broad scope of practical benefits and is a cost-effective way to engage with target audiences. QR codes promote interaction and engagement through the mobile phones.

5Q5: Where can I use QR codes?

As a business you could use them to promote your website, business, social media pages and more. It works effectively on traditional mediums such as flyers and posters too. Your business can also use them to make the consumer journey more pleasant and comfortable which in turn brings more and more customers back.