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We analyse, report, and monitor digital efforts

Automated reporting, saving you time and grows your impact. Data metrics monitor marketing data your organization needs to measure performance. It is important to keep track of these metrics because it shows where your organization can improve and what steps to take.

In order to understand your data and make decisions based on metrics, you need more critical thinking skills, and that’s where we come in. Over the past 10 years, we have helped several businesses with their data metric analyses which have helped them make informed decisions that increase the bottom line.


Data metrics include

Setup and Platform Integration

Tag governance

Conversion optimization

Reporting and dashboards

API analytics development

Exportable Google Sheets

BigQuery analytics

API analytics

Analytics for Data Studio

Analytics Google Sheets

Data metric FAQ

1Q1: How are metrics related?

A business’s metrics are all reliant on each other and if one declines it’s likely that other metrics will follow suit. For example, if you notice a decline in website traffic, it is also likely that revenue decreased with it. When measuring or monitoring data metrics your business can be proactive in its decision making which will save you resources and time.

2Q2: What metrics are measured?

We can measure and report on almost anything. Typically, elements such as your audiences demographics, location, behavior are measured to determine what portion of your online customers are male vs female or where they are located. Our experts also measure user acquisition which tells us how and why your users engage with your site and how they find your site.