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February 23, 2021

Bogart Man


South Africa's Favourite Luxury Retail Store

360° Integrated Marketing Package – Web development – UX/UI design – Online marketing

Bogart Man approached the BWD team in mid-2019 to expand their marketing efforts and establish an online presence. Although we realised early on, Bogart had a running website that a lot of ground-work had to be done in incremental stages to get it up to industry standard. Since then, we have taken over the full marketing role at Bogart, working with the brand to ensure continuous growth and success.

We implement SEO functions daily to improve the client's overall rank on Google. We utilize all facets of Social Media to drive engagement to the site. Their website has grown in leaps and bounds, and we are proud to be associated with their growth.

  • 2019


    When we started re-engineering the Bogart website, we discovered over 2000 products that needed severe SEO work. The team then scrutinised products, and the first order of business was to get rid of all the duplicate products on the website. We also tagged all the relevant products with keywords and ensured variant images match the product.

  • 2020

    Online Marketing

    In early January of 2020, we implemented various strategies and full-scale campaigns. The team did a full-on marketing analysis to determine the main audience segments, their locations, and we defined what type of buyers each of the segments are. A buyer profile was drawn up, and content, both copy and visuals, were aligned to fit in with our audience model.

    Daily SEO work was done to ensure a healthy website and a prominent Google ranking. We broke down our plan of action into phases and started implementing structured SEO processes and procedures.

    Web Development

    In conjunction with SEO work, we started redesigning the website to allow for a better customer experience. We added things like product collections to simplify the online shopping experience.

    Throughout the year, we built and added various shopping functions and expanded on our web development efforts. Bogart Man decided to expand into the rest of Africa, which meant we had to integrate multiple solutions to ensure smooth operations when they trade all over Africa.

  • 2021

    Pay-per-click – Online Marketing

    As part of our online marketing efforts, we run various Google ad campaigns for Bogart. Pay per click is an extremely powerful tool that accurately controls the number of website visitors. At the inception of the project, we focused strictly on brand awareness campaigns. We transitioned over to selling orientated pay-per-click campaigns. The great thing about this is, the client can choose how much they can afford to spend each month. We then allocate those funds across our pay-per-click marketing funnel to make the most out of every Rand that’s spent.