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Types of brand personalities

Most brand personalities fit into the five main categories and each dimension has its own personality traits and strengths. The brand personality model might seem a little simplistic on the surface.

Surely people can be broken down into more than five categories, right? However, the nature of this model makes it perfect for understanding the drive behind different businesses.

brand personality types

1- Sincerity

Sincere brands are often perceived as “down to earth”, and they might be small-town orientated or family- orientated. Sincere brands are very honest and transparent with their customers and they can be sentimental, cheerful and wholesome.

2- Excitement

These include brands that are perceived as daring, modern and trendy. Exciting brands are often new, unique and contemporary. These brands are good at creating a lot of hype and building excitement in their audience

3- Competence

Brand personalities that focus on competence are reliable, hard-working, and secure. They often involve plenty of technical features and intelligence and may link with thought-leaders, confident people, success, and corporations.

4- Sophistication

Charming, refined, high-class. It usually takes time to exude sophistication as a brand, but once they get there, these brands are poised, polished, and make their customers feel classy and elegant.

5- Ruggedness

Rugged brands are bolder and more daring than their sincere counterparts. Though they may still be honest with their customers, their focus is on outdoorsy elements, masculinity, and a sense of overall toughness or strength.

Brand personality examples:

Brand personality of Apple

The apple logo resembles simplicity, as it’s all about simplifying the complexity of life. Apple is a people-driven, product design brand which has a deep connection with its audience.

Brand personality of CAT

The Brand personality of CAT is ruggedness. The core of the brand places emphasis on toughness and the outdoors which automatically builds their brand personality.

Brand personality of Nike

The brand personality of Nike is excitement. They brand themselves as a leader in the latest athletic apparel and shoes. The nature of their product is tough and outdoorsy and endorses successful products in nearly every sport. This brand creates a personality that is tough and successful.

Brand personality of Volvo

The personality of Volvo is sincerity. They have positioned themselves as competent car manufacturers that focus on performance, design, and safety. These characteristics are very important for a Volvo consumer who is well aware that all these elements are considered thoroughly in the designing process.

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