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Takealot vs another site

Shopping on Takealot means you get what you pay for. No scams, no-nonsense. Imagine your site is competing head to head with Takealot. The broader audience already knows what they can expect from Takealot in terms of service and delivery. They also know that Takealot offers you a bang for your buck.

The question is how can your brand stay competitive? Let’s say your site has the right products, the pricing is the same and you’re offering a similar service as Takealot. On paper, everything looks good, however by looking deeper into the scenario consumers still migrate over to Takealot. Why?

Because they simply trust Takealot to deliver the goods on time. Their reputational capital secures them the business at the end of the day.

September 2, 2020

Reputational Capital

centerhide /online-marketing/fadeInLeft Only when the time comes to place our trust in someone, we start considering factors such as reputation Warren Buffet has summed it up […]