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We are dependent upon our visual senses

When engaging with the physical and graphical worlds we are dependent upon our visual senses to provide us with an accurate representation of objects, items, and visual scenes.

Without the capacity to form an accurate impression of our environment, our every attempt to interact or use visual information to plan our movements would either be error-strewn or significantly slower.

We need only observe the difficulties of those suffering with some form of visual deficit to appreciate how important the visual sense is to our every move.

As designers it is our job to support users not only by providing them with the information necessary for their tasks, aims and objectives, but to arrange this information in a way that promotes automatic perception.

In addition, Best Web Design aims to present information in a way that enables the user to focus on what they are trying to achieve, without having to devote significant amounts of time translating their intentions according to the constraints of the product, device or system they are interacting with.