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Benefits of PPC ads

5 benefits of PPC ads

1 – Brand awareness boosts

Your brand will become widely recognisable by utilising PPC Ads. It is essential to have a strong brand presence to be on the first page. This is because people tend to look at the top page results when searching for solutions to their problems online. Generally speaking, a user needs to interact with a brand at least three times, before moving down into the conversion funnel, where they convert as a customer.

2 – You’ll put yourself above your competition

As you optimise your campaigns, PPC advertising can gain steady traffic for your business, this can help put your brand above your competitors. However, it does take some time to set up, track, optimise, search for the right keywords and for visitors to convert.

3 – Targeted audience increase

Specifying keywords or phrases related to your business that are searched regularly will allow your brand to be discovered by a targeted audience who are already interested.

4 – Increased potential in the audience

There are many potential customers, and your business can be put in front of thousands of people using PPC advertising. Before people make a buying decision, they tend to first search online.

5 – PPC ads compete for costs

Ads are only paid for when visitors click them, making PPC advertising affordable but in some cases not as PPC advertising competes with other ads. Moreover, unlike other marketing strategies, you can monitor your return on investment.

10 methods of how to generate quality leads

Here, we have provided 10 strategies that you can use to generate quality leads. However, we realize that not all business owners have the time, or skills to actively manage PPC campaigns. That’s where we come in. Our team has years of experience and a track record to prove it.

1 – Ensure tracking is set up right

To set up tracking parameters in Google Ads, go to the “Campaign URL options” under the advanced settings in your campaign settings. Add your {lpurl} tag, which will automatically be replaced with your landing page URL for every ad you run. This will help you measure how efficiently your campaigns perform and track each visitor’s source, keywords, and device.

2 – Determine the sources of opportunities

This includes your tracking parameters on all your landing pages and we keep them in a contacts database along with other contact information. Syncing these data with a CRM platform will help you view all the lead data for opportunities in one place. We can then see which campaign generated an opportunity, what device was used to visit your site, and what type of opportunity it is.

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3 – Organise your campaigns into groups

You must divide your campaigns into smaller groups by targeting each main feature, benefit, subcategory, target industry, or location relevant to your product or service. Once these segments are identified, you can set up your campaigns with the necessary keywords, ad copy, and landing pages relevant to that specific campaign group. As a result, you can increase conversion rates with better-quality leads.

4 – Choose relevant keywords for your campaign

As mentioned above, the best keywords for your ad campaigns are those that are relevant to your business and target audience. There are several paid platforms you can use for thorough keyword analysis. If you want to save some time and money, contact the Best Web Design team for a free consultation.

5 – Don’t include irrelevant keywords

If you’ve followed the methods described in sections one and two (URL tracking and identifying opportunities), you can spot keywords that bring poor-quality leads. Add those negative keywords to a list to avoid receiving such traffic from online searches and replace them with strong relevant keywords to boost conversions.

6 – Prequalify visitors with ad copy

To target a particular audience, target businesses of a specific size. If you work with web designing for start-ups, your ad could read “Web Design for SMEs.” Additionally, pricing your ad copy is a good way to build opportunities because you can avoid prospects who may not have the budget for your services.

7 – Adapt landing pages to your ad groups

When people click on your ads, you’ve already paid for their visit. To get the most from your ad campaigns, create landing pages that offer what your customers want and need. A/B tests different landing page versions to see which produces the best results.

8 – Receive keyword inspiration from competitors

Try using similar keywords and CTA’s without blatantly copying them if your competitors are getting prime real estate on search engine results. While you can learn from your competitors’ strategies, make sure not to use their branded keywords in your ads.

9 – Adapt to mobile performance

Suppose you’ve followed tips one and two. In that case, you’ll be able to tell which devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) drive opportunities. On the contrary, if opportunities aren’t being converted by mobile leads, you can stop running your campaigns on those devices. Moreover, you can also downsize bids so that computers and tablets receive most of your traffic.

10 – Plan your ad schedules

An ad schedule should be set up for your ad campaigns. For this reason, you’ll be able to track performances daily and determine which days or hours produce the most opportunities by combining data and ad schedules. When running ad campaigns, and you’re not doing well with generating leads on certain days like the weekends, stop running them and try moving them to during business hours.