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Expand your business network, and set yourself apart

Share your contact details and business information in just one scan.

In a world with better and faster technology, people are using mobile devices more than ever. It’s all about accessing the needed information in a simple, quick snap and getting your business information to the customer faster.

A dynamic QR code is a niche tool that generates different types of QR codes in different frames and layouts. Depending on your business needs, this QR code is used as a direct link to your website, social media pages, and so much more. It can be used on your business flyers to direct a potential customer to your site faster and increase conversion potential.

Types of QR codes one can create



A rating QR code serves as a quick way for customers to review your business. In seconds your customer can scan your QR code that connects them to either your Google listing page or a customisable review page on your website. In today's online business environment, customers often look for reviews of previous customers before making a purchase. Each time a customer leaves a rating, you will be notified via email. Furthermore, your unique QR code comes with a customisable short URL that you can share across several platforms.

QR Code Activation

For a tailored solution, Best Web Design will generate a dynamic QR code. Therefore, we offer various packages for you to choose from. These QR codes are all embedded with a unique link that gets the potential customer in contact with you faster. Keep your customer informed, expand your social media and grow your business network.

Our QR code examples