This is an extremely powerful tool

Accurately control the amount of visitors you have on your website

We prefer to use Google Ads as a Pay per Click (PPC) tool. The idea behind PPC is simple. Google displays your ad on your behalf. If someone clicks on the ad to visit your website, you pay Google. You choose how much you want to spend on Google Ads per month. We will be able to give you an estimate of the amount of visitors you can expect per Rand spent after we have identified your keywords.



The biggest advantage of having us manage your Google Ads account is that we continuously track and adapt your campaign according to the data collected. The data collected from Ad Groups and Analytics gives us valuable insight of how visitors respond to your Ads campaign and the correlated landing pages.


Single AdGroup

R2 670Monthly

Double AdGroup

R3 560Monthly

Triple AdGroup

R4 670Monthly

Each PPC package includes

Report driven landing pages

We will set up a meeting with you to discuss the campaign budget.

100% User Orientated

It is crucial for people to find the corresponding page when they clicked on an ad. User experience driven landing pages dramatically reduce bounce rates and gives users the peace of mind that they can trust your website –Basically converting clicks to sales.

Monthly management Includes:

  • Implementing keywords
  • Monitoring and adapting landing pages each month
  • Tracking and Reporting traffic

  • We will set up a schedule with you so that we can periodically obtain the required information we need to launch a successful campaign.