Access by everyone, regardless of disability, is an essential aspect. The Best Web Design team takes this seriously. Our websites are accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities.

Keyboard support - Improves core navigation functionalities for non-mouse users. Some browsers require a configuration change, ie. Firefox. Underline links in the text block - Make content links more distinguishable by adding underlining for links in your website content. Repetitive link text - Use post title in addition to the "Read more" text on screen readers. Warning on links - If a link opens in a new window or tab, we warn the user using a browser alert.



  • By making your website accessible, you create a pleasant user experience that includes people with disabilities.
  • By implementing accessibility best practices, you are also improving the site's usability for all users.
  • Accessibility also overlaps with mobile web design to further optimise a website's experience.
  • Well-designed, accessible websites expedite the delivery of information and services.
  • Improves SEO practices and, in turn, creates a positive user experience.