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What metrics are the most important?

Suppose you cannot effectively measure your company marketing efforts and output. How would you know If you are growing as a business or where you can improve?

Most users scan QR codes from their cell phones which is linked to a particular operating system such as Android, IOS or Windows. Knowing who scans what products and where the scans are coming from, and how often helps your business define what products are selling and what products aren’t.

This information reveals more about customers than it seems on the surface and can be utilised for future campaigns. The QR code tracking process involves tracking important information such as the user’s device, location, total scans, total unique scans and time periods, which can be broken down into daily, weekly and monthly statistics, which gets tracked and compared to previous periods to determine the performance of the QR code. Below are some of the QR metrics our team reports on, discussed in more detail.

Operating system

As mentioned above, cell phones all use different operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows or macOS. The information reveals what operating systems your users are using and how you can reach them individually. Why is this important? Let’s say you are trying to target Android users, and you see the majority of scans are coming from IOS devices; you’ll know your QR code is not reaching the intended market.

Location by city & country

The next important metric to track would be the locations of where your users are scanning the QR code from. Once again, this would indicate whom to target and where. The scans are broken down as a percentage, and the information is based on individual IP addresses.

Total number of scans

This metric indicates the amount of time a specific QR code was scanned. The information is valuable, especially when compared to other metrics such as time periods or locations.

Unique scans

Unique scans work slightly different to those of total scans. It can be defined as the number of times one person scans the generated QR code. If multiple devices share the same IP address, the scans will reflect the exact location. The scans will be registered as unique scans.

Time periods

QR code scans can be broken down into three separate time periods: hourly, daily, and monthly. This data is beneficial if you want to compare the success of your marketing campaigns over various periods.

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