The link between QR codes - Covid and the e-commerce industry

The link between QR codes – Covid and the e-commerce industry

While many brick and mortar businesses suffered severe losses throughout the course of the pandemic, the e-commerce industry largely benefitted from the situation.

Within months the world of retail as we know it gradually transformed as more businesses started selling their products and services online. Companies had to adapt and offer their customers a seamless Omni-channel experience by reducing friction where possible and by streamlining the customer user journey as much as possible.

Plenty of restaurants and other businesses opted to use QR codes as touchless payment systems, keeping everyone safe in the process. Embracing new technology to create a seamless customer experience is also on the rise as more and more businesses incorporate financial tech and marketing tech to achieve their internal goals. The pandemic has shifted buying behaviour towards the convenience of not visiting potential Covid hotspots such as malls, shopping centres, and other retail developments.

January 19, 2022

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