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Why QR codes are the new driving force in digital marketing

Why QR codes are the new driving force in digital marketing

Before diving into how you can leverage QR codes in your business, let’s look at the brief history behind QR codes in general. The automotive industry first started implementing QR codes to effectively track the manufacturing process and allow for high-speed component tracking. QR codes enable essential activities in marketing and serve as a touchless environment.

Simply put, QR codes drive engagement, traffic, and potential leads by transferring important information to the user. This marketing medium is revolutionary because QR codes offer endless options with regard to what you can do with them in your marketing strategy.

They allow you to improve your overall marketing, sales, and customer care. In the 21st century, integrated marketing strategies emphasise real-time engagement and the use of interactive media, all of which can be embedded into your unique QR code.

1. Direct customers to your website or specific landing pages

Your QR code can direct a user to a sign-up page or any landing page on your website. This step removes the monotonous process of navigating to a specific website page. In turn, improving your overall user experience, too, as users find what they want faster and more conveniently.

Our team matches your QR code to a specific URL on your website to accurately measure your QR code. This provides us with plenty of important information, such as where your users are scanning the QR code from or what devices are used to scan the QR codes.

2. The new business cards

As people become more and more conscious about the environment, users switch from traditional business cards to digital business cards. Once again, this provides many options for the user to receive the necessary information.

3. Imbed messages in your QR code

Once the QR code has been scanned, the user can receive an embedded message from your business which can be used for sales or user support. Sending messages through QR codes benefits traditional SMS marketing the most and can include an opt-in SMS sign up function to encourage users to sign up for your SMS campaigns.

4. Download important information

Another massive benefit of QR codes lies in the fact that users can scan the code to receive critical information. When users start scanning your code, your business will obtain vital information about how users engage with your QR codes and what the user journey looks like.

5. Direct customers to social media pages

One of the most common uses for QR codes is directing users to social media pages or landing pages. This encourages users to follow your pages to receive updates on your products. You can also entice users with promos or discounts to enable them to take action.

6. E-commerce shopping

An important factor to take into consideration is that your QR code should include a clear call to action, meaning a user should not have to guess where they will be taken in the event that they scan your QR code. Most e-commerce businesses use QR codes to promote any specials or discounts.

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