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The benefits of including QR code on Infographics

QR codes are short for quick response codes meaning, sharing information quickly and directing the user to a specific point where they can take action. Visual content marketing has one flaw: adding a link to the content does not make it clickable.

Therefore, a QR code is included. With this technology, you never miss a customer and might even gain new ones. Below we will run through all the benefits of QR codes and how you can include them into your infographics for optimal conversions.

Aligns with your brand identity

When users see your infographics that don’t align with your brand identity, you risk confusing them or even driving them away. At Best Web Design, we style each QR code according to your brand identity to avoid confusing users. Furthermore, we include individual brand colours using custom frames and edges. We centre your logo in the middle of the generated QR code.

Track, analyse and optimise QR codes with infographics

With the recent advances in QR technology, businesses can now track analytical data. With this data, a company can see how many scans took place over specific periods, where they come from geographically and what devices were used to scan the QR codes. This enables you to measure the infographic’s effectiveness and how your business can improve them in the future.

It tells your brand’s unique story

By using infographics, you establish a creative and unique form of content marketing. When you combine written content with powerful visuals, you present your information in a digestible manner. Some of the most successful infographics combine QR codes because they make them measurable and instantly deliver the correct information to the user.

You can display them digitally or on any marketing print

Another benefit of combining QR codes with your infographics is that you can use them anywhere. Whether that’s on print flyers, digital flyers or infographics. QR codes can be used virtually anywhere and is a worthwhile investment for any brand.

You can constantly update and edit your QR codes

A massive benefit to dynamic QR codes is that you can always edit the code or update them as required. If you need to change a link or edit your company’s logo, you will have the freedom to do so.

November 25, 2021

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