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The importance of infographic marketing

It involves displaying certain information in the form of images in an eye-catching manner. The visuals should be compelling, entertaining and are usually very easy to understand.

The purpose of infographics marketing is to steer the right kind of traffic to your website and push leads through the conversion funnel. Studies revealed that infographics could increase website traffic by up to 12% and even more in some cases. Below we will cover some steps on how you can incorporate infographic marketing into your marketing plan.

Create visually engaging content

The first step in incorporating infographics is the infographic itself. During the developmental phase, it is best to start by thinking about the product or service you are selling and where you want to direct the user with the information you present. It’s also best to map out your audience’s interests so that your content can speak to them.

Re-engage them with related content

Now that you have captured your audience’s attention, it’s time to start thinking about how you can re-engage them to turn them from cold to converting customers. For example, you can follow up with a related blog article that tells the user more about your products or services.

Include your infographics where relevant

You can include infographics anywhere you want to provide users with a quick overview of your offering and direct them to the relevant touchpoints. Encouraging users to share your infographics using a QR code can also increase a lot of inbound traffic.

Collect accurate data

Previously there was no way marketers could track the efficiency of their infographic marketing campaigns. By including a QR, you can get data such as how many scans took place. What locations scanned the QR code the most. And last but not least, what devices were used to scan the QR code.

Reach out to your network first

The best way to tell people about your product or service is to reach out to your network and make them aware of what you are trying to create awareness for. You can share your infographic on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Another option is to include it into your email marketing campaigns to reach a large audience at once.

November 25, 2021

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