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Failing to Understand your Audience

Often we find that marketing campaigns are started from the perspective of How are we better than our competitor and How will we convince our audience of that? From that point of view, it means that the product has focus and usually the marketing message does not reflect the brand but rather the product.

Businesses may think they know who their target audience is, but in reality, they don’t because they continue to focus on product first. The hard truth is that 90% of modern consumers don’t care about the products you sell. They are more interested in buying an experience, not necessarily the product.

Modern-day consumers purchase products because they want a certain problem solved, if you can do that for them they’ll end up buying from you. The key to success is to find that golden ration of common ground because only then are you useful to your audience. And that’s when marketing campaigns start paying dividends. To get there you’ll have to start by understanding your audience first.

Unfortunately, most campaigns start by approaching the product first. When that happens your campaign is doomed for failure because campaigns can’t get away from it. If you fail to understand what your audience wants, how will you give it to them?

May 4, 2020

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