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Change the way we work together

Design thinking is a topic that is set to change the way we work together—and in a fundamental way—so we can investigate, understand and solve real-world problems across a wide spectrum of influence.

Traditionally, the creation of solutions to wicked problems (i.e., highly complex and multi-level problems) was seen as the sole domain of field specialists, strategists or highly trained and talented individuals.

This idea has been changing over the past few decades as more and more designers and agencies like Best Web Design apply design-centric methods in order to tackle problems outside of their core domain of specialization and co-create highly innovative solutions.

“What we need is an approach to innovation that is powerful, effective, and broadly accessible, that can be integrated into all aspects of business and society, and that individuals and teams can use to generate breakthrough ideas that are implemented and that therefore have an impact. Design thinking, the subject of this book, offers just such an approach.”

– Tim Brown, CEO of the celebrated innovation and design firm IDEO – from the introduction of his book, Change by Design