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Benefits of digital marketing

Customers that are found online form a much bigger group than the customers that can be found locally.

By creating and integrating a digital marketing strategy within your business, you allow your business to reach a much larger audience in a way that is cost-effective and measurable.

Digital marketing provides businesses with the ability to engage with prospective clients and to learn what exactly their customers are looking for.

Offline marketing tends to focus on a select local group of customers, where digital marketing utilizes platforms where businesses can serve their audience on a global scale. It also allows businesses to direct marketing campaigns like a smart military missile, only spending money where there’s an ROI on the horizon.

Let’s look at the importance of digital marketing

Reach your customers where they spend their time and money

It’s been reported that in 2019, the average internet user has at least 7 social media accounts which are up from 4 accounts to 7 in the past five years.

97% of adults under 65 uses social media at least once a month and the vast majority are on social media platforms every day.

Social media is strongly preferred as a means of customer care but shockingly enough, 89% of customer messages are ignored by businesses.

Social media marketing and advertising are only a piece of the puzzle, but a very important one nonetheless. Just having a profile and producing content once in a while simply doesn’t cut it. Your business needs a solid social media marketing strategy in order to stay relevant in a very competitive market place.

Level the playing field

We’ve all experienced it before. A large brand name company like Shimansky jewelers comes into the market with huge marketing budgets and forces local, smaller jewelry shops to close down because they just can’t compete at that level.

This is where Digital marketing becomes a beacon of hope for smaller businesses like Ickinger. Digital marketing actually allows smaller businesses the ability to hold a top-ranking position, with much smaller marketing budgets, leveling the playing field for smaller organizations.

More targeted approach

When a business decides to print marketing material such as flyers and distribute them, they definitely do some targeting. Given it’s a broad demographic, the question still remains, what return on investment did that approach yield? It’s difficult to say, due to the fact that it can’t be quantified.

One of the many possibilities that digital marketing provides to businesses is the ability to dissect a large group of demographics and narrows them down into targeted groups to get laser-focused on a specific target audience.

With digital marketing, data is collected and all campaigns can be measured to determine whether or not the campaign was a success. When businesses approach marketing on this level, they can create an ad that’s highly relevant to their target market.

Align your strategy with how people utilize the Internet

Over 1 trillion online searches are performed on search engines each year. Google holds the lion’s share with 3.5 billion queries.

Roughly 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook each day, most of them from businesses. Generally, People no longer make use of telephone directories.

Most people tend to look for products or services they want online. Keeping in mind that people are impatient and won’t search beyond the first 5 pages on any search engine, therefore it’s imperative for your business to rank on a search engine where people can find them as quickly and conveniently as possible.

This is how SEO(search engine optimization) works for your business. If your website is efficiently optimized, then it becomes easier for consumers to find your business whenever they search for a keyword relevant to your brand. From doctors to restaurants, the modern sales process starts online.

Integrated Marketing with Mobile technology

Recent research done by IBM, indicates that mobile transactions are on the increase at 35% year over year.

But it’s not just the actual buying and selling that happens on mobile. People are using their phones to look at product information and reviews in order to communicate with customer care. By integrating the mobile experience with the physical experience your business is taking full advantage of all the available opportunities.

By harnessing the power of data, your business can approach its audience with relevant content and offers. A selfie taken at your store could be a promotional opportunity for your business, your audience might even give you a positive review before they even leave your store.