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5 Emotional Marketing Approaches

For the emotional marketing strategy to work effectively, the campaigns need to feel authentic and honest. Marketers need to truly understand both the audience and the brand’s identity to select the best approach.

Here are five approaches to emotional marketing that can turn casual consumers into brand fans: Inspirational, Aspirational, Love, Milestones and Local.

1. Inspirational

When people are inspired they often think and act differently. That’s why it’s so important to understand what drives and motivates your audience. The right human interest story who embodies the brand makes the inspirational approach work.

Effectively associating your brand with a role model that people can believe in may lead people to believe in your product as well. Nike has mastered the inspirational approach, using athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan as brand ambassadors who inspire audiences not simply with their looks or fame but with their accomplishments, talents, and perseverance.

Building an emotional connection with your customers can be magical and create a halo effect for your brand.

2. Aspirational

Aspirational campaigns create a brand presence that taps into their audience’s dreams, their desires to reach their goals and aspirations of a lifestyle or experience they long for. They may aspire to be financially secure, send a child to university or hit the open road in a status vehicle.

Marketers considering an aspirational approach must understand the need, hope or desire their brand fills for their target customers and how their brand reflects people’s self-image and identity. Then they must build a story that brings the dream to life.

3. Expressing Love

A marketing strategy focused on appealing to consumers’ raw and most personal emotions can change a nameless or faceless business into a brand that audiences can relate to and care about. This can even work for businesses that aren’t inherently compelling or deliver a product or service that has little to differentiate it from the competition.

It is also impactful for businesses that specialize in products or services for special occasions. The best way to humanize a brand is by demonstrating that the brand makes someone’s life better, easier or brings joy to them.

4. Milestone – connection

Milestones can be an opportunity to strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers. Additionally, a brand can focus on life milestones that are important to its audience and develop a strategy that resonates with them.

Even just creating a story about your brand’s presence in the lives of those experiencing a milestone can be very effective for your brand.

5. The Local angle

A brand can gain fans by connecting to people’s pride and passion for where they live. Brands with a trendy “buy local” strategy tailor their stories and platforms to the cities in which they do business. National brands, retailers, and banks tie into their local markets through campaigns featuring famous local attractions, local schools and universities, and hometown sports teams.

Location-specific marketing is also a particularly valuable approach for young, smaller businesses or franchises that may have smaller budgets, but can trade on their local presence and connection to the community.

As customers become more focused on the importance of relationships in their buying decisions, people from all backgrounds have begun to align themselves with the brands that reflect their values and speak to their emotions. If you can add emotional marketing campaigns to your strategy, you could benefit from bigger profits, stronger revenues, and happier long-term customers.

Think of emotional marketing as the secret weapon that you never knew you had. By weaving emotions into your marketing message is a surefire way to attract, resonate with, and encourage your audience to act.

You need to know your audience and fully understand their driving factors to put emotions into your marketing campaigns. Align these with your overall marketing goals, and your emotional marketing efforts will be some of your most effective.

Now that you have a better understanding of how emotional marketing works and why an emotional marketing strategy is essential for your business, you can start planning your digital marketing campaign. You’ve got many different tactics at your disposal to help you create a marketing campaign with the precision that can effectively drive results.

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