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UX/UI Design

It’s all about your customer’s experience

User Experience & User Interface design thinking

At Best Web Design,we specialise in product strategy, planning and the designing process thereof. We will take your customers on an exciting journey from start to finishwhile using your product.

ExceptionalUI and UX could be thedifference between success or failure. Our team works with you to efficiently create a user experience your customers can relate to, sequentiallyleading to higher user adoption ratesand onboarding. We are drivenby passion and KPI’s. Our goal is todeliver the best value we can on eachuniqueproject


UX Design process

Starting with analysis, followed by interface architecture and wire-framing.

We beginby analysing your product in detail to determine where we can improve the user experience. Together we determine the project’s scope, clearly definingwhat metrics and KPI’s we want to achieve. We mapoutthe entire projectusing wire-framing. Once we have our goals and the broader scope insight,our team gets to work to developa feasible prototype. The next step in the UX design process is to re-evaluate and reconcilewhere needed.

UI Design process

Kicked off by researching design references best suited for the project’s scope.

In the next phase, our team gets to work where they develop the graphic interface of the project. This is usually followed by an animation prototype and UI guidelines that serves as a UI kit. The last step is to do a design review session to ensure we delivered on our promise and that you are one-hundred percent satisfied.

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Internationally recognized standards

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UX/UI Packages includes:
Business requirements

Technical requirements

User Experience Integration

User Interface integration

Goal driven journey mapping

Personal driven journey mapping

We will set up a schedule with you so that we can periodically obtain the required information we need to launch a successful campaign.

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